• Defending and promoting democracy, rule of law and good governance
  • Defending and promoting human and trade union rights
  • Advocacy and campaign in support of democracy in SADC
  • Engaging with SADC on regional political policy issues
  • Fighting corruption in all its forms
  • Building union capacity in trade union and human rights monitoring, information gathering and political analysis


  • Influencing sub-regional initiatives e.g. RISDP , Poverty Framework and Observatory and responses to global crisis  with the view to  change policy content towards labour friendly and people focused
  • Advocacy and Campaigning on  Decent Work Agenda and Global Jobs Pact
  • Putting employment and decent jobs at the centre of economic and development policy  – Moving towards a consolidated Employment and Labour Protocol for SADC
  • Building union capacity in policy formulation and implementation process and monitoring
  • Developing policy alternatives-ANSA initiative
  • Promoting and Strengthening social dialogue on economic policy and governance at both regional and national levels

Organizing and Mobilization

  • All round organizing particularly in the public sectors
  • Organizing the unorganized
  • Organizing the informal economy workers
  • Consolidating and deepening trade union  solidarity and unity
  • Engaging effectively in the revived SADC tripartite Employment and Labour programme
  • Consolidating and deepening collaboration with regional, continental and international trade union movements (i.e. OATUU, ITUC-Africa, ETUC and ITUC and Global Union Federations)
  • Building strategic Alliances with likeminded Civil Society Organizations, NGO’s and Faith Based Organizations)


  • Promoting the Social
  • Charter of Fundamental Social Rights in SADC
  • Challenging SADC towards harmonising the policies of its member countries affecting labour and people in general with to occupational health and safety, HIV/AIDS and other diseases, social protection corporate social responsibility, climate and environment
  • Advocacy and Campaign on minimum health standards and rights
  • Fight HIV/AIDS and other preventable diseases in particular malaria
  • Fight for  inclusive social protection